Bigg Boss 16 22nd January 2023 Written Update | Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 16 22nd January 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 16 22nd January 2023 Written Update

Salman Khan greets Ekta Kapoor and asks whether she is coming to cast her new show.

Ekta begins to laugh as Salman playfully instructs her to leave the stage and enter the Bigg Boss House.

Salman then informs her that the roommates are waiting for her inside and instructs her to go inside while she departs with Dibakar Banerjee.

Inside, the roommates welcome Ekta Kapoor and Dibakar Banerjee, who explain that they are here to cast someone for a project.

The roommates get enthralled when Ekta informs them that they would have to play out the scenarios she presents them using theatrical emotions.

Initially, Ekta instructs Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Archana Gautam to act out a scene in which Priyanka discovers Archana attempting to slip away at night (A scene enacted out of Naagin 6).

The girls begin to act out as Priyanka accuses Archana with an ugly glitter in her eyes.

Archana, on the other hand, claps back with a nasty smirk as she informs Priyanka that she went out for a stroll to keep her shape slender, unlike her (Tejaswi Prakash’s speech in Naagin 6 as Kiara).

Following that, Ekta instructs Shiv Thakare and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia to act out a scene in which Shiv is a Nevla (mongoose, Naagin’s malevolent foe) fighting Ichaadhari Naagin (Shapeshifting Snake) Nimrit.

While the housemates applaud, they both perform admirably while keeping the subject in mind.

Furthermore, the roommates wish them farewell, while Salman asks Ekta if she has met someone she likes.

Ekta grins and assures him she will inform him after the show.

Salman greets the housemates after saying farewell to Ekta and Dibakar Bannerjee and informs them of their nomination.

The housemates become concerned when Salman informs them that he will leave the choice in their hands.

Who will be nominated by the housemates this week? Soundarya Sharma, Tina Datta, or Shalin Bhanot?

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