Bigg Boss 16 23rd January 2023 Written Update, Top 5 Contestants This Week, Finalists

Bigg Boss 16 This TV serial is very famous and let us tell you that in this written update of 23rd January 2030 Bigg Boss episode (Day 115) will start with the sirens of the contestants and the wife singing the anthem. Continuing with their routine, the contestants start meeting for the day and some dramatic things happen in between. Shalin Bhanot shares her opinion about Tina Dutta and Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia who listens to her as she says she is finding it very difficult to stay in the house. Also, when he passes by Priyanka and Tina in the garden area, Tina breaks into laughter which makes him feel bad.

Because he thinks they are making fun of him. Shiv Thackeray and NC Stan go to Shamil who is on the verge of crying then it is seen Shalin tells them that he asked Priyanka to listen to him as he wants to talk to her and she rejects him saying that Given that he will think about it, Shalin breaks down and begs MC Stan to nominate him this week as he does not know how he will spend the next 4 days here. Later, Archana Gautam grabs everyone’s attention by shouting loudly in the kitchen. She runs out of the kitchen screaming which worries the others.

Priyanka asks Archana to tell her what happened but remains silent as she is suffering from some shock. Elaborating further, she tells Shiva that she wants to talk to him about her heart but when she arrives, he is so engrossed with MC Stan that he doesn’t realize that she wants to talk to him. Shiva is offended by Nimrit’s words as he disagrees with her and the MC supports her. Nimrit asks Shiv to come out as she wants to talk to him.

Shiv says they can talk here but Nimrit says she can’t talk openly in front of Stan and Sumbul Tauqeer Khan. MC Stan gets offended by this statement and stands up to leave, saying that he will leave himself if he doesn’t want to open up in front of him. Bigg Boss calls everyone back to the living area later. Let’s call He tells the contestants that they will decide whether Nimrit will retain the captaincy or not and if she wins the ticket to the finale. to decide,

Bigg Boss 16 23rd January 2023 Written Update, Top 5 Contestants This Week, Finalists
Bigg Boss 16 23rd January 2023 Written Update, Top 5 Contestants This Week, Finalists

He gives them a task to retrieve 10 rings from Nimrit’s picture board stating the rules that were broken during his captaincy. When the troupe goes to retrieve the rings, Priyanka gets into a fight with the troupe but Sumbul doesn’t allow her to retrieve the ring. Gave. Shiv tells Priyanka that their friendship changes within two days while Priyanka says that the ticket to the finale week is not going to be easy for anyone

And she’ll play her game. Is the matter heating up with both sides accusing each other or does MC Steyn angrily say that he has a lot to tell about Priyanka? Bigg Boss Tv Serial 16 23rd January 2023 full episode to watch and let us tell you that its story has been told so much then let us tell you that through you can watch it completely and much better can kind of see it

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